Welcome to Borispol Kiev Airport,
the main air gates of Ukraine.

We hope that your flight was comfortable, and you are standing on the Ukrainian land again or may be for the first time; the land that is famous for its hospitality and kindliness. You luggage is claimed, passport control and customs is passed, and you are ready to make your next step which is going to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. This megapolis is 60 km in length and is situated approximately 35 km from the airport.

You have an uneasy task to solve, don't you? You need to get to your destination in Kiev: a hotel, an apartment, a train or a bus station, which makes it difficult to do in an unfamiliar city without knowing ukrainian language. You could always use public transportation as an option (buses run to Kiev from the airport) but we think that this journey, especially with you luggage, will not look like an interesting or a captivating one.

What is the way out? - you will ask. It is right here. Use the service of our company - taxi transfer from the airport to any place in Kiev at a fixed price.

Daily or short term rentals are offered for all Kiev guests. Renting an apartment in the very heart of the city is a great alternative to expensive Kiev hotels. We have a wide variety of fully equipped apartments, which will make your stay comfortable, and will cost you 2 o 3 times cheaper than a room in a hotel. On the site kiev apartments you will find

If you are planning to visit Odessa, the second biggest city of Ukraine, we can offer you renting apartments daily, directly from the owner. Let these comfortable and spacious apartments, located in the very center of the city, be your own hospitable, even though temporary, home in Odessa. For more details look on the site odessa apartments rent

For more than 5 years ukrainetransfer company provides an individual transportation service all over Ukraine. kievairporttaxi.com is one of our new projects , which, we believe, you will consider very helpful.

Airport transportation service- transfer to any place in Kiev at a fixed price.

Would you like to know what we offer you?

Only for euro 30 our driver will meet you by the door of the waiting hall. He will be holding a shield in his hands with your name on it.
He will also help you to take your luggage to the car and safely take you to your destination place in Kiev with comfort. Very convenient, isn't it? No problem with transportation in an unfamiliar city and no language barier, as our drivers speak English!

Kiev (Airport) - Odessa (Airport) transportation (any direction)

There are 2 international airports. One in Kiev, another one in Odessa. It happens quite often when the arrival and the departure takes place from different airports. In this case you are facing a problem when you need to get from one airport to another. The distance of 500 km between Kiev and Odessa makes it dificult. We are offering you the easiest and the most advantageous solution - for $240 only, our driver will take you from one city to other at any direction. You will be picked up at the airport, if you need.

Airport transportation service- Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, Donetsk, Lugansk.

Despite the fact that Ukraine is located in the very center of Europe, unfortunately, it is not quite a European country. Ukrainian public trasnportation service leaves much to be desired. It can happen that arriving to Borispol airport, your destination point is Dnipropetrovsk, for example, or Kharkov, Donetsk, Lugansk, Mariupol or any other city in Ukraine. It is not easy to get there. You could wait 24 hours before your next flight or try to reach your final destination changing trains and buses. Looks like an unpleasant outlook! We offer you an easy solution - order our transfer service from Kiev airport to any Ukrainian city. It is much more comfortable, safer and faster than going by your own.

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