Experience Ever Had With Cab Driver

People will share different experiences about cab drivers depending on the type of cab they boarded also the driver too. Some may claim that it was their best experience while others may say otherwise, it was the worst experience in their case. In this writing, we are going to discuss some experiences I have had with cab drivers. Truth be told most of them are bad ones and mostly remembering them makes the scars not to heal. Some may say it’s bad luck but from my point of view together with the experience, being more compatible with boarding other means of transport rather than a cab.

During one of my vacations, I

During one of my vacations, I decided to book a flight to Dubai in advance, my flight was due at 10 in the morning. I called a cab to inform the driver that he would pick me up tomorrow very early in the morning so that I would have enough time before I boarded my flight. The following morning the cab driver was nowhere to be seen, worst if it all he was not picking up my calls. Thirty minutes later to time, I boarded another can since I was running late. I decide to inform my driver that I was running late, by so doing the cab driver was over speeding. Just before we reached the airport, we were involved in a terrible accident that left me in the hospital for the rest of my vacation.

Another instance was when we boarded

Another instance was when we boarded a cab as a family to visit one of our family friends who had been admitted to a hospital. We were not aware of exact location, so we depended on the cab driver’s ability to take us there. While we were busy conversing at the back of the cab, we did not notice where we were being driven. Before we knew it, we had been ambushed and the whole family was mugged. All the belongings we had were taken away even after reporting to the police station and recording statements up to date none of the robbers were located, belongings were lost.

Experience Ever Had With Cab Driver

There is this time my girlfriend was in labor pain, and we had to rush her to a hospital. I ran to call a cab so that we could arrive on time since she was in pain. He was aware that we were in a rush, at that moment I thought to myself this is once in a life situation where I’ll have a good experience with a cab. To my disappointment, he was driving carelessly that almost made my girlfriend lose the baby. By good luck, we arrived safely at the hospital, and she delivered herself safely.

A team was selected by the office to undertake research that required to be represented on a model. I was in charge of heading the project. This meant that I was to present it to the board of directors and display the model too. On the day of presentation, I boarded my usual cab to work and placed the model next to me. Upon arrival, I alighted from the cab in such a hurry that I forgot about the model, when I remembered about it and contacted the cab driver, he dropped at my workplace. When I went to receive it, the model was destroyed beyond repair and the board meeting was due in a few minutes. We went through with it and had to explain why the project was destroyed which almost hosted me my job.

The worst of them all was when I had just arrived at the airport from my long flight. I decided to take a cab home since I was exhausted and left the driver to load my suitcase. I slept during the entire journey only to wake up when I had arrived at my apartment. Upon arrival, I took my luggage without being concerned about whether they were mine or not and went in to rest. The following morning when I was unpacking, I noticed that the luggage belonged to someone else, and they were not mine.

With that in mind, we see that different people have different experiences. From my side, most were negative but to some, since they were young, all they ever had been the best experience and would recommend it. With cab drivers, it all comes to how familiar and convenient you are.